What’s coming your way

We’ve all gotten pretty agile in the past several months. Learning to #WFH, seamlessly transition across virtual conferencing platforms, conserving cash and planning for the unknown.

One thing all humans do, particularly in uncertain times, is find ways to create control, no matter how minor.  Typically, we assert our locus of control by setting rules for ourselves – where, when, and what we can and can’t eat, usage of certain items, rooms for set purposes, new freedoms we never let ourselves have before, etc.

As we ever so gingerly ease out of our “new norm” and into the opening back up of our lives, uncertainty will reign again. All those rules we created to obtain a sense of control might not still apply. While we won’t be thrust into a new setting like the start of this, we will be upsetting the apple cart once again.

Hydrate, get good sleep and stay agile – whether it’s at the grocery store or in how you lead your life. And remember, its ok to break your own rules!