Re-entry communications checklist

No one knows exactly what re-entry after COVID-19 will look like. But we’ve complied a check list for making sure you communicate your plans:

  • Employees
    • Keep them in the loop about your plans for re-opening, even if your company will continue to #WFH
    • Set a schedule of when they can expect to hear from you about updates, safety and their future.
    • Adhere to the schedule even if you have nothing new to update.
  • Clients
    • Have a plan for calling them and connecting. Listening to their needs and concerns will help you plan and prepare
    • Use both email and phone to connect
    • Watch their communications too, follow them on social media, subscribe to their email lists, visit their website frequently
  • Prospects
    • Create a communication plan for keeping your social media active on a scheduled basis
    • Be in touch with referral sources on a consistent basis
    • Use email, phone and direct mail as means of staying in touch
    • Encourage all employees to connect with their network via social media, video calls and via email
  • Business Ecosystem
    • Share your reopening plans so they can anticipate your needs
    • Be in touch with your account reps and service reps so they can advocate for you
    • If you have fallen behind in payment address it head on, communicate about your intent and timing

Each of these items requires a thoughtful approach, resources, and time. We would be glad to talk with you and offer you some direction and ideas. We can also act as you infield, thereby taking some of the implementation off your plate. Give us a call and we’ll have a virtual coffee together.