I didn’t sign up for this

… the psychosis of cleaning and disinfecting everything, everywhere, all the time

… the mind bending, life threatening experience of going to the grocery store

… the teaching my kids while doing my job

… the confusion

How did I get here and what am I doing?

And what day is it anyway?

It’s been a rough ride.

We started in a place of disorientation and worked hard to get our footing – we STABILIZED.

We’ve thought about our plight, doing what we needed to do to get by – we NORMALIZED.

Now we are moving on. We’re recovering; taking our life and business back- we’re ACTUALIZING.

It’s time for us to find our passion, generate new goals and go after them.

You’ve had challenges before. What you do to meet and solve your challenges is what makes you stronger.

So, push forward.

The government restrictions are being lifted.

The fog is clearing.

Will you wallow in the past or embrace the future?

We’re signing up for embracing the future.

How about you?