Selling trust

Often our clients are solving a problem that their prospective clients don’t want to face. (Think compliance, wills, accounting, high stakes IT solutions that cost a lot of money and are complex, etc.) Their clients are skeptical and anxious about spending money on a solution they are not expert at, and if not done correctly will cost them more in the long run.

When selling “trust”, it takes time. There are no quick fixes. We ask our clients, do you have the bandwidth and cashflow to commit to a consistent approach over time? Because the truth is, building relationships and cultivating trust takes about 18 months to gain more than your initial marketing investment back.

So how is that done? How is trust cultivated, relationships built, and ROI achieved? The answer is through consistency. It’s that simple and that complex. A well-designed and carefully-orchestrated marketing strategy coordinates lead generation, website assets, social media presence, email and human capital. It’s a combination of art and science. The art is in designing a brand that speaks to your audience and projects your brand’s personality through experiences. The science comes in the form of using data to direct and capitalize on the assets deployed.

If your brand lacks that balance that engenders trust, give us a call.