Marketing – How do I get more at bats?

Put me in coach

“I just need more at bats. If I get them, we will hit more home runs.” This is what clients frequently say to us when we first meet.  They ask: Can you get me in front of more opportunities?

Clients are bombarded with DIY marketing solutions (HubSpot, Constant Contact, WordPress, LinkedIn advertising, Google Ads, etc.), all implying they can/should do it all themselves.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t write my will myself. I didn’t craft our GDPR content without a lawyer’s insight, and I certainly don’t try to keep our books and file the firm’s taxes on my own. We recruited Tiffany, Dan and Karen to solve these issues.  We relied on experts to select and orchestrate the tools needed for our business. Sure, I could learn QuickBooks, research and try to install and collaborate OneDrive and possibly use some solution like LegalZoom, but I’m smart enough to know that is not the best use of human capital or in the best interest in our firm’s success.  My time is best spent at bat, building relationships, cultivating NK&A’s own marketing strategy and working hard for our clients.

How do you get more at bats? It starts with asking for help with the things you are not expert at.