Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional giveaway ideas that increase your brand awareness

If you open a drawer, cabinet, or bag, you are bound to find some sort of promotional giveaway or branded item that you received from a company. Usually, you won’t even remember how you got that promotional item but the irony is you probably have swag that you’ve held onto for months or even years. Promotional giveaway items can be a successful method of increasing brand awareness because they are rarely thrown away and then used publicly for an extended period of time. In addition, if a company can elicit some sort of emotional connection or response with a promotional giveaway, the effect on brand awareness can last a long time.

Here is an actual case that a NKA employee recently experienced:

“One early autumn morning I attended a hot air balloon festival in the mountains of Utah. The temperatures were frigid and the locals were dressed in winter gear, huddled together in clusters, wrapped in blankets and waiting for the balloons to rise. As soon as I stepped out of my car I realized that I was underdressed and underprepared. Fortunately, however, the sponsors of the festival, a local bank, had anticipated my needs. Everywhere I looked there were thermoses with steam rising from them, blankets, hand warmers, ear warmers, even balloons to keep the kids entertained…and all of these items donned the local bank’s logo.”

Although any promotional giveaway can help boost your brand identity, if you really want to get the best return on your marketing budget you want your prospective customers or clients to have an emotional experience or connection with your free swag. Here are three promotional giveaway idea that will help you increase your brand awareness and retention:

Creative and unique promotional giveaways

Pens and water bottles are common promotional items because they are used regularly and inexpensive to produce, which actually makes them easier to be replaced or even thrown out. Instead of giving out something that can easily be forgotten about, try one of these clever ideas:

Webcam Covers:

You can get a branded item on top of a screen that someone stares at 2,000-plus hours a year!

20-Can Cooler:

Unconventional Drinkwear:

Yes, this idea is nothing you haven’t heard before but how many times have you heard someone complain about a getting a Stainless Wine Tumbler or a legitimate customized Yeti product?

Ties in with your business

A great way for your promotional giveaway to help with brand retention is to give an item that is relatable to your business or an event you are exhibiting or featured at. For example, a local carpenter or woodworker will drive more brand recognition by giving out traditional giveaway items made out of wood such as sunglasses or notebooks.

Here are some more examples of promotional items that can tie into your business:


WooBamboo – Custom Bamboo Toothbrush:

Literature or Educational

Linen Soft Cover Notebook:

Outdoors or Handyman

Oak Handle Folding Pocket Knife:

Evokes an emotional response

When was the last time someone held a pen in their hand and it immediately reminded them of how they got it – and it wasn’t taken from a caribbean hotel while on vacation? Whether your item is filling a need, sparking a memory, or inspiring a smile, if it gets a response from the receiver you can be sure that they will remember your brand. Here are a few (hypothetical) examples that would work for some companies:

Charity focused on providing socks and shoes for the homeless (or similar) – Custom socks:

Outdoor sports and wellness company – Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses:

Any company anticipating either a hot or cold day – Branded headwear:

We all want to get our companies noticed but with a little planning and creativity you can get the biggest return for your promotional budget by giving away the perfect promotional item.

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