The questions you ask (or don’t ask) will determine the success of your marketing strategy

Recently a client came to us asking for help integrating a new software into the habits of their staff.  This is no small feat. Thankfully as marketers we study habits – how they are formed and broken.  Marketing is about enticing someone to change or create a habit, to do something they don’t do right now.

As we discussed their dilemma, we started to ask numerous questions to better understand the software, why they chose it, who would be using it, what was the incentive for using it and loads of other probing questions.  Finally, the CEO turned to us and said, “You know, we just don’t ask ourselves these questions.  Mostly because the answers aren’t pretty.  But now that the pain of answering them is over, I have confidence this issue will be solved.”

Sometimes we just don’t ask the questions we need to answer because the answers show our flaws.  But in the end the solution lies in the unasked questions.

Do you need to be asked some solution-solving questions? We’re free.