Are habits replaceable?

Good news! – the power that creates bad habits can be redirected and used to change your life by replacing them with good habits. As with your bad habits, good habits put you on auto pilot. You really can’t help yourself once you develop a habit and it’s been proven that it’s far easier to replace a bad habit then it is to get rid of it cold turkey. What if you get up at 6:00 each day to catch up on the news? You get up at 6:00 already (a habit); you can replace your news with working out which improves your mental and physical well being. What if you cut up celery and carrot sticks before you sit down to watch football on Sunday? The same compulsive urge you have to reach for chips can be replaced with eating other things that crunch. You laugh. Many have realized the main reason they like chips is for the crunch. Try replacing one crunch for another. You’re still watching the game (a habit). There are so many ways to improve the quality of your life by replacing bad habits with good ones. Make your basil ganglia work for you!