Habits: a key to successful branding

We believe that we are rational… that we get the facts, interpret the data and then persuade others with our well grounded intellect. However, science is proving otherwise. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his book, “The Righteous Mind” lays out research findings that show how moral judgments arise not from reason but from gut feelings. Our brains have immediate emotional responses to things first and then we think of ways to rationalize the responses second (emotion first, justification second)…

Emotion is good but it does not speak well to intentionality, rational thinking, and planning. To us, this is fascinating and humbling.

These new studies fortify once again why developing good habits are so important. Good habits are all about planning and intentionality, both of which are critical to marketing, be it for yourself or for your company.

Building a brand most assuredly requires the power of habit. Without the power of habit, the marketing mind invariably will respond emotionally to brand management, leading to inconsistent decisions at the least and chaos at the worst! You know you’ve moved from rational to emotional when people start justifying:

  • Inconstancies in brand standards
  • The introduction of a new brand pallet
  • Change in the tone of voice in writing
  • Events and marketing initiatives that are incongruous

When it comes to building brands, look to habits and standards to stay true. If you need help defining your brand habits, let us know. If you want to better understand how your mind really works, go to Amazon and check out John Haidt’s book.