Why bother with email campaigns?

Why bother with email campaigns? Constant Contact reports that the average open rate for an email campaign is about 11% (varies slightly by industry).  That feels low, but is understandable given the state of in-boxes; and it begs the question, should I press send?

Email proves over and over to build brand awareness, drive interest and help inform sales. How is that possible?

Brand awareness

Every email has to be dealt with.  So whether the recipient is an “opener” or “deleter” of your message, the email has to be processed. The recipient’s brain has seen, recorded and processed your brand. It’s a touch-point. And research proves that it takes over 6 touches to close a sale.


Any “click” you receive is an opportunity to draw in the recipient. Make sure every email you send provides an opportunity for people to learn more. Use “call to action” buttons and links to create an opportunity for them to experience your brand.  Make sure you reward them with good, relevant content that deepens the brand relationship. Once on your site, provide them with: videos, articles, downloads, ways to get in touch with you and/or set up a meeting, opportunities to subscribe to more content, share your content with others, and engage in conversation.


Email metrics and Google analytics can inform your sales teams on an individual’s interests and website journeys.  You have the opportunity to learn what they clicked on to come to your site, where they went on your site, how long they stayed, and any information they provided from Opt-in lists, forms, surveys, and live chat.  All of this good data gives your sales team insight on who to spend their time with and fodder for deepening relationships.

Don’t be shy, press send.