Six is the magic number in sales

Only 2% of sales close at the first meeting. And most sales people give up after the third contact with a prospect. Research has also shown that 63% of people requesting information on your company will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy*. Consistent communication is essential to win business.

NK&A advocates that our clients make at least 6 touches in all lead generation campaigns. Why? Sales takes time and pleasant persistence. Studies show that most buying decisions are made after the 6th touch.  Helping a prospect learn and gain confidence in your brand is important. We don’t know when people will have a need or be motivated to take action. So help them. Stay in front of your prospects with relevant, informative and helpful information. Make sure your communications echo the brand value you offer.  If you are providing benefits to a company – your content should educate and help them get the upper edge. If you are providing software or services that streamline operations and increase productivity – your communications should be simple, easy to digest and intuitive.

Marketing’s job is to support the sales process. Make sure your lead generation campaign has more than 6 touches and provides a feedback loop to your sales team sharing consumer behavior (opens, click, comments, shares, etc.) and helping them know where best to spend their time.  A good lead generation strategy lightens the sales teams load and helps them hone in on opportunity.

*Footnote: Thanks to Danielle Newland who heard me speak at Babson. She shared this great article by Robert Clay that substantiates a long time belief first develop through my sales training with Brian Tracy – one of the greats and a big influence on my success.