What is your next chapter?

Take a moment and reflect upon times when you are truly alone.  When the only voice in your head is your own. You control the conversation, where it goes, what’s acceptable and what’s not.

During these times you rewind past experiences, arbitrating wins, and losses. You also assess what’s happening in the present and then logically (or illogically) move to your plans for the future.

Whether you know it or not, you are writing a story that will dictate your attitudes and behaviors moving forward. The story you create can be motivating or unmotivating. It all depends on the story you choose to tell yourself.  Think about that for a minute because it is a profound and empowering point – you can change your story if you want to. You have ability to do that.

This is an important consideration, especially during these times. Currently, we are living in a time of dramatic change, and the stories we tell ourselves will have a profound effect on how our lives will play out moving forward. We are all moving from a sheltered life to a world that is opening its doors to us once again. It is a new day…a clean slate… one that’s full of new possibilities.

At this moment, I’m making a conscious decision to rewrite my story, because I can. I’m consciously envisioning opportunity, not indecision, wrapped in a positive attitude and in consciously trying to see the good in people.  I’m also reconsidering how I spend my time, evaluating what’s important and what isn’t?

How about you?  You can write a new story, too. What is your next chapter?