The brilliance of making mistakes

The New Year is upon us.

It’s always a time to reflect on the past and look to the future.

As usual I’m thinking about a New Year’s resolution.

In the past, resolutions have been about exercise, or financial objectives, or increasing the value of my work.  All resolutions have been based on meeting a goal.

This year – No goals.

Time for a new view. Time to shake it up.

My resolution can be found in a one of my favorite quotes:

Make interesting mistakes.
Make amazing mistakes.
Make glorious and fantastic mistakes. 
Break rules.  Leave the world more interesting for your being here. 
— Neil Gaiman

Much has been written about those who are willing to take risks. The most successful of entrepreneurs almost all made mistakes along the way to reaching their success.

Hope you have time to think about 2015. Life’s short – we need to step out and think differently if we want to create the change we seek.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up and be more entrepreneurial in all we do.