Dwight’s holiday traditions

We all have our passions and mine are all wrapped up in a package called “the holiday season.” The holidays bring me time to indulge in things that rejuvenate me most; creativity and family.

I love music; singing loudly and listening to all types of music as much as I can – plenty of that going on. Taking pictures and designing cards – they’re must haves. Cooking is play. Eating is festive. These are outlets I enjoy not rushing through, even savoring, when I have the time. The holiday season brings an excuse for me to explore numerous creative pursuits – it’s perfect.

Holiday is all family, too. My house is the family party house. My parents come here. My brothers and their families come here. My kids and their cousins have rituals. They play cards, board games, they laugh, stay up late and can’t wait to do it again next year. If it’s warm enough it’s team whiffle ball or even a soccer game in the backyard. There are a lot smiles passed around.

And if the kids get really adventurous they head to the basement and pull out the instruments and create music together on the fly. It’s fun for all us spectators. I guess those years of music lessons paid off.

The holiday season is magic. We get a chance to break from routine. They give us a feeling of place in this world – a home. We’re lucky. We come from great stock.  We learned all our rituals from Suzanne’s and my parents. Now we just have to keep it going.

If you have any good recipes for food or cocktails let me know. Any other ways to play are welcome, too.

Enjoy the holidays.