Should I or shouldn’t I?
Pros and cons of outsourcing

Should you or shouldn’t you? When it comes to outsourcing, we’re a tad biased, but it’s a good question to debate. Do you outsource your marketing or hire and run your own marketing department?

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of each approach:

  • If you outsource the marketing function, you get:
  • Seasoned professionals with diverse expertise (strategy, graphic design, operations, analytics, technology) in one resource
  • A strategic mindset with tactical know-how
  • Expertise and experience with other brands and insights from within and outside your industry
  • Minimal management on your behalf
  • No worries about their happiness, integration into your culture, and long-term well-being
  • If you hire and manage marketing yourself, you get:
  • Depth of expertise in one specific area, which is helpful if your focus is narrow (like graphic design or building a social media following)
  • A resource who is available to contribute to other non-marketing projects as needed
  • Someone who is immersed in your brand and industry
  • An employee whose skills you can cultivate and shape
  • A contributing member of your team and the larger culture

Depending on your annual marketing budget, your goals and needs are important factors in determining the best approach. Explore your options! Interview a firm that could manage your marketing for you and interview individuals you could hire. Simply going through this process can help you find the right answer.