Never talk to your mother about…

Likewise, never use financial terminology to explain marketing. Face it; it’s just not sexy or inspiring enough, right?

But here at NK&A we are contrarians and actually think about marketing in terms of Compounding and Investing. Yup, there we said it – and while you were probably about to turn to something more salacious, we find this language to be a turn on.

We love to think about our role in financial terms and we think you should, too. It is counter cultural for sure, but we are willing to forge new paths. Think about it.  Each and every dollar you spend on marketing should be an investment in a vehicle that will build on your investment and compound to be worth more than your original investment. Think of a direct mail piece. It included creative, printing, postage and fulfillment. And we all know it could just end up in the trash.  BUT, just think if you could take that creative you used in the direct mail and use it on your website, tweet it, post it and get people to like and follow it; then use it in your next newsletter, or better yet, as an ad in a publication that all your potential clients read. Imagine reusing bits and pieces of the direct mail creative to remind people over and over who you are. They will then turn to you and say “you are so incredibly attractive, I just couldn’t resist reaching out to you and asking you to take me on as a client.” Yeah, that is what we all want – to be desired. When you compound your investment and repurpose and reuse that investment in different ways, your prospects will remember you, think you are the cat’s pajamas and ultimately want you for their own.

It’s not sexy, but it is a simple trick to turn, and it works every time.