Finland: Building their national brand

At NK&A, we know that authenticity is essential to creating a brand that stands out. Take Finland, for instance. The small Scandinavian country perhaps best known for its great quality of life, copious milk and coffee consumption and its fervor for saunas and heavy metal bands, is now making its mark as the emoji country. In a bold branding move, the Finnish government approved 30 quirky custom emojis that portray Finnish life. One depicts a smiling naked couple enjoying a sauna, another a hairy headbanger rocking out with leather cuffs. Others range from a child with his tongue stuck to a frozen pole, to a snoozing bear, an old Nokia phone, and, not surprisingly, a steaming cup of coffee. Intentionally tongue-in-cheek, the emojis roll up nationalistic pride with a disarming genuineness that’s caught the world’s attention.

Finland embraces it quirkiness. What’s your company’s point of distinction? NK&A challenges you to be authentic and, in doing so, to embrace what makes your company unique, be it quirky or otherwise.