Marathon training and launching a website

What do they have in common?

Most of us won’t run a marathon. Nor will the majority of us build our own website and maintain it.  Unlike running a marathon, you can outsource the building of your website.  But if done right, building and launching your website is much like marathon training without the sweat, blisters and exertion. 

When training for a marathon you are getting out there and practicing for the big event.  You think about the different terrain and plan for hills, straightaways and curves. You think about the different weather elements: ice, snow, rain, wind or draining sun.  And while you spend months training and preparing, you just never know what you will face come race day. 

Websites are the same. You spend time thinking through the user experience, the navigation, the wire frames and the visitor’s journey.  Then you launch/approach the start line and you get into action after all the planning and preparation.  So often we want our website to be picture perfect to launch.  However, like a marathon we don’t need to be perfect to approach the start-line, we just need to be prepared.  

So, get prepared, then pull the starting gun trigger and respond to the elements and terrain as you move forward.  And if you need any help with that website or running a marathon, give us a call!