Social media – is it right for your company?

Our conversation started out with idle chit chat.  Joseph was relaying how he’d gone to CVS without his list and ended up walking out with a bunch of random things, still unsure if he’d gotten what he needed.  We laughed at this rabbit hole experience, so often encountered in certain stores.

Joseph asked us to meet with him because he was looking to hire someone to help him with his company’s social media presence.

We discussed his goals.  He believed that he was missing out by not being on social media and wanted a presence. “Everyone tells me I have to be on social.  So I don’t want to miss out.”

We explained that “being on social” without specific goals was much like his experience at CVS.  Without knowing why you are there, you can waste a lot of time and money and still not know if you came away with what you wanted.

Are you thinking about upping your social media presence?

Set specific goals and track your progress.  Some goals to think about and how to measure them are :

  • Greater brand awareness  – measured by views, and followers
  • Interest in your product or services –  measured by increase in your opt-in email list, downloads on your site, or visits to your site
  • Engagement – measured by likes, comments, shares and re-posts/tweets

Creating goals and tracking progress is the only way to make sure you walk away with everything on your list.

By the way, we showed Joseph our favorite app for keeping lists. He reports he no longer gets lost in a rabbit hole at CVS,  and is proud of his social media presence. You never know how you can help your clients. It feels great. We’re always here to help you, too.