Feeding your brain for greater business leadership

Victoria’s top 3 “brain food” list

Long ago I was turned on to Brian Tracy and his book The Psychology of Selling.  I was starting my career and this book had and continues to have a huge impact on me.  One tidbit of his sage advice is to always take the opportunity to learn to better yourself.  He talks about how listening to the radio is the equivalent of bubblegum for the brain. He implored his readers to get books on tape (I said it was early on in my career!) and learn even when you drive.

I have rarely listened to music in my car since.  And with the advent of podcasts and Audible, I’m constantly on a quest for new and interesting nourishment for my brain.

While my library of books and podcasts is vast, three of my top favorite podcasts are:

  1. The Hidden Brain.”  – Not only do I love the host’s name, Shankar Vedantam, but his way of weaving insight into a good story nourishes your brain like a bowl of hot oatmeal on a cold morning.  Hidden Brain shares applicable scientific insights that help you understand the brain and human behavior
  2. How I Built This,” with Guy Raz – A masterful interviewer, Guy asks his guests all the questions on the tip of your tongue. Guy Raz interviews the individuals behind the world’s best-known companies to get at the path that brought them to their success. Learn how Cliff Bars got its name and huge following, Steve Madden’s assent to fame and fall from grace, Honest Tea, Warby Parker… The list of entrepreneurs is endless.
  3. Note to Self” – Is hosted by Manoush Ziomorodi and explores the intersection of digital technology and human interaction. Her podcasts look at how the digital age and technology are enhancing and hurting us.  She is also the author of Bored and Brilliant, a great book about technology and our brain. She gets me thinking and changing my relationship with technology.

Have a favorite book or podcast?  Please share. I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting brain food.