How do you spend your time?

NK&A is a consulting firm.

Each day I log my time; specifically looking at how much time I spend on each client and on what projects.

It makes a lot of sense when it comes to billing clients.

But sometimes, I step away and reflect on what I do with my time. (It tends to happen when I’m on vacation.)

Reflecting leads me to think about all the talented professionals I have worked with over the years. I realize the most talented are those who are not so granular in their approach to time. They tend to dream. They think creatively about how to solve problems. They don’t approach work as just tasks and how many you can complete in an 8 – 12 hour day. They think in terms of delivering on goals.

I’m thinking of putting away my watch and my timesheets.

Tomorrow, I’m replacing them with a compass. How about you?