2021 went by in a blur.  I’d be remiss if I did not pause to express gratitude for the people who make my life rich.  FamJam’s constant companionship during the pandemic.  Their unconditional love, support, and good humor have kept me going. For my NK&A Marketing family, Dwight Garland and Eliza Fry make work play – not just these past two years but for over 21 years!  Of course, to our clients who invite us to help them capitalize on opportunities and partner with them to overcome their challenges. I’m grateful to be asked to contribute to their success. Finally, to my friends – business and personal – who make life rich, add texture and color to what could have been a lot of greys, and for their unwavering support and love.  2021 went by quickly but was packed with tremendous joy.


I saw how hard the pandemic was for some of those closest to me, and to many others that I’ve never met before. I learned that life is not as much about us as individuals as it is about us collectively and all that we share.


I have 4 younger brothers, all of whom are married now with families of their own. We have not been all together since January 2020. But last month we were finally able to gather as a group. Although I have seen them individually here and there, having all of us in the same place was surprisingly uplifting and healing. This December, I am more grateful than I have ever been for family gatherings.