Happy coffee day! Our survey results

This Friday, September 29th is International Coffee Day. We have long held a great marketer’s interest in coffee – its history, brand, and powerful influence on business today. In honor of Coffee Day, we conducted a 3-question survey to further explore what coffee does for the average American worker. The results are in!  Here is what we found:

#1: Coffee gets you up and going.
The majority of respondents (that drink coffee) claimed that although there are a variety of benefits, the main reason they drink it is to get them going in the morning.

#2: You drink about 2 cups of coffee per day.

#3: You could live just fine without coffee.
Most of our survey respondents claimed that if they had to give up their daily 2 cups, it would be an adjustment, but not a major one.

Americans love their coffee! Apparently coffee is good for you, and you adore it, but in moderation. And, it’s not a necessity. But there’s no denying its’ power; in our lives, in our connections to each other, and in our workplaces. So, take a moment this Friday to celebrate the wonder that is coffee, and enjoy a cup on us!