Gratitude matters before and after

NK&A believes in the power of gratitude. We have witnessed its ability to change businesses and lives.  For 30 days this fall we ran The NK&A Gratitude Project.  Twenty individuals participated in sharing their gratitude on a daily basis over the 30 days. At the start and conclusion of the project we conducted a survey.  Here is are the results.

Prior to the project:

  • Only 9% of reporting participants reported sleeping soundly through the night, as opposed to 43% post-project
  • Excitement to get started on their job, rose from 64% to 86% post-project.
  • At the start, only 64% considered themselves to be “thriving,” as opposed to 86% post-project
  • 60% of participants reported feeling more or somewhat more content than they had 30 days prior to the project 

Our participants reported:

  • “This experience motivated me to discuss gratitude with others. It made others think about thankfulness/gratitude.”
  • “Gratitude is contagious. The more I read what other people were grateful for, the more I felt grateful. I would love to see this happen several times a year!”
  • “I enjoyed the different prompts, it really helped to see my experiences in a different light.”
  • “It was great to feel a bigger sense of community around gratitude and to be prompted to think about it regularly.”
  • “There are countless “things” for which to be grateful. I also realized it is not the material things that I feel most grateful for… It is the people, relationships, and purpose that give my life meaning.”
  • “I looked for more opportunities to be grateful. I felt generally so lucky and blessed.”
  • “A great reminder to be present to all that I have in my life to be thankful for – from the little things – a warm heating pad to the big things – my family, friends and work colleagues.”

For the NK&A team, we had deep gratitude for the participants and the feeling of connection it brought us and those engaged in the project.  Thank you to all that joined.

Do you want to do it again next year?