Emotional rescue


Given the enormity of its importance (from the development of civilization down to motivating what you will do at this very moment), emotion doesn’t get its due. Not to mention that in today’s world to say you are “highly emotional” doesn’t have the cache that “highly intellectual” has. “Emotional” sounds like a loss of control. “Intellectual” sounds smart and under control. Regardless of whether we are or not, we all want to appear under control.

At NK&A we are creators, strategists, analytics and dreamers. Over the years we have learned many things, one of which is to never underestimate the power of emotion to motivate, inspire and launch people into action.

We’d like you to experience what we mean first hand so we have put together 2 pieces of content for you to explore.

The first is creative. If you have a pulse, it will move you emotionally.


The second is a more analytical view of emotion. It examines how emotion effectively engages and makes your messaging and storytelling more memorable. Emotion can save you from being boring, overlooked, or worst of all, forgotten.

The power behind great story

Hope you enjoyed this emotional experience. If you have an emotional response – please share:

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