3 tips to designing successful infographics

The key to developing successful Infographics is to keep them clean, simple, and graphically rich. 

Follow these three tips when making your Infographics:

1. Define your target audience and design for them.

  • Like a writing style, Infographics need to communicate in a way that is appealing to your audience.
  • Are they conservative, data driven?
  • Are they more visual, craving dynamic graphics?

2. Create a flow of content that is easy to follow. The goal of an Infographic is to simplify complex or lengthy content into a visual that is easy to digest.  Ask yourself the following to make sure you are leveraging the assets of an Infographic:

  • Is your Infographic as simple as possible?
  • Does it include only essential content?
  • Is it easy to follow the story?

3. You don’t have to say everything. Let the visuals do the talking. The mind doesn’t need everything spelled out to grasp meaning. We’re hard wired to fill in the gaps. Compelling graphics organized logically create powerful messaging.

The key to creating an Infographic is to keep it clean, simple, and graphically rich.