Upon Christine McVie’s passing, I was immediately transported back to a small island in Maine in the summer of 1977. I lived in a cabin with 5 of my mates. It was magical. I was free, young, tan and searching. Musicians were my confidants and Christine was the exemplar. Her musical rhythm and lyrics moved my soul. What an intoxicating brand.

In 2023, individuals seek to elevate their personal brands on social media. Companies do, too. The pressure to stand out and break through is overwhelming. Many don’t have the courage. Others try too hard. And yet, some are true to themselves. That is what Christine McVie always embodied.

Today, McVie is a powerful enduring brand. She’s the mystery of the Dos Equis brand. The honesty of Patagonia. The enduring power of Coca-Cola. We need more of her ilk.

Who is the Christine McVie of your youth?

We’re interested.