Yes, you are!

And most of the people you interact with are boring, too.

But not all of them. I bet that right now, you are thinking of somebody you know who isn’t boring. For me, that’s Charlie Bennett (name changed to protect the innocent). What is it about Charlie?

  • She has a gravitational personality
  • She tells memorable stories
  • She draws others into her conversations, making everybody feel like they are part of something they want to be a part of
  • And every time I see her, she comes to play – she’s consistent

You don’t forget Charlie.

Let’s switch categories. How about companies, maybe even your company. Is it boring?

Yes, It probably is.

Companies like people tend to play it safe. They look at their competitors and follow what they do.

We want to change that mindset. We believe that companies who are willing to tell bold stories will win. They are the Charlie’s of the world.

Like Charlie, they have personality, make emotional connections with their audience, and are memorable.

Here’s our challenge to you.

Can you rewrite your brand story?

It can be personal or business.

Give it a try. If you find you’re struggling with it, drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

Yes, we want to emotionally connect with you.

We know that’s how you win:). Just ask Charlie.