Can you keep your promises?

When you order shoes online and the company says, you’ll have them in 2 days, but they arrive in 4, the brand takes a hit. Sure, you received the shoes you wanted, but you’re still questioning the brand (maybe even the value of the shoes).  The simple fact that they said one thing and did another unconsciously erodes the brand.

The way to customers’ hearts is to be ethical and honest.  Please note, we didn’t say you had to be perfect, just ethical and honest. People can handle things not being perfect if you share the less-than-perfect news in a timely and honest way (think Under Armour’s Olympic speed skating suits controversy). Conversely, if you hold back information and aren’t honest (think Volkswagen emissions scandal or the Equifax data breach) then the brand takes a hit.

At their core, brands are about emotion – yes, emotion. A good brand is honest, and it makes you feel good. The “feel good” part matters. Think about your favorite website, restaurant or movie. They are all brands that make you feel good.

A brand is a promise. Can you keep it?