Brand Identity

Going back to the 1500’s for inspiration

Ann Taylor has been around since 1954.

They recently evolved their company logo.

Here is their old logo.

Formal, iconic look.

And here is their new logo.

More informal, contemporary look.

There are beautiful, refined cuts on the “A” and “T” characters, and a subtle, elegant curve in the downstroke on the “R”.

What’s most interesting is the icon they developed, playing off of this new logo.

It’s striking, beautifully balanced and unique.

We were instantly taken back to our art history studies and the beautifully balanced signature of the artist Albrecht Durer from the 15th century – with the “D” tastefully tucked low and within the character of the “A”.

While they might not have known their inspiration stemmed from Durer, we applaud Ann Taylor going back, to go forward.