Brand building to attract and retain employees

We’ve been helping several clients with attracting and retaining employees.  Filling empty positions is a marathon sport! Now more than ever, part of brand building includes sharing your corporate culture to give potential employees insight into what it is like to work at your company.

What we’ve noticed is that it starts with the posting of a job and the hiring process.  Designing a job description that has a point of view, shares a bit about the culture, and has a brand voice draws in people who can “see themselves” at your company and repel those who don’t like that point of view.  For example, think about an often required skill: “excellent communications skills”  what happens when you give this a bit more flavor:

  • Five-star communications skills
  • Willing to have hard conversations productively
  • Equally talented at listening and providing constructive input
  • Confidence in articulating your point of voice
  • Facilitate enrolling conversations that invite all parties to contribute to the betterment of an idea

Providing insight and clarity on what you mean by “excellent communication skills” enables prospective employees to see themselves at your company. They aspire to be a part of the culture or run away in disgust.  Either way, you have them running in the right direction!