Night owls and early birds

Who is most productive at your company, early birds or night owls?

You know who you are – night owls get a burst of energy in the evening, are most creative and productive at night, and love to stay up late.  Early birds jump out of bed with a smile, exercise, answer email and attack their to-do list before their night owl colleagues hit the snooze button.

Most of us are one or the other but it is likely more than a matter of preference. So where do these differences between night owls and early birds come from? Scientists believe our genes play a significant role in determining our circadian rhythm — the inner clock that regulates sleep and other physiological processes.

Research shows night owls and early birds have different areas of strength.  Here are 5:

Night Owls rule the roost:

  1. Higher IQ
  2. Creative thinking
  3. High inductive reasoning
  4. Achieve greater financial and professional success
  5. Sustain concentration after long hours

Early Birds shine here:

  1. Higher academic performance
  2. Proactive
  3. More persistent and resistant to frustration
  4. Goal oriented
  5. Less likely to suffer from depression

In our fast paced 24 hour online global economy with flex time, virtual offices and constant communication, there is plenty of room for both types of workers to contribute. It is a smart business strategy to construct work schedules that allow for employees to take advantage of their peak hours of productivity.

Are you a night owl or an early bird? How do you stay productive? Let us know!