What’s the next move?

I spoke with two prospects recently.  They are thriving but don’t have a “pot to piss in.”  There is more demand for their services. The business leaders and their teams are putting in a LOT of sweat equity. They have both just gotten a small infusion of cash; one from increased billing and one from a grant. Now they are paralyzed. They have so many pain points they don’t know what to invest in to make the most impact moving forward.

Here is the thing. There is no perfect way forward, but, you have to move.  And yet they haven’t. I asked each of them: what is the cost of not making the next move forward?  They each paused and thought long and hard about this question.  Is it better to do something or to wait until one thing become evident?

The thing is, rarely in life is the path forward lit with street lamps and signs pointing you in the right direction.  Most of the time there are blind spots, road hazards and forks in the road.  The key is to evaluate and step forward – maybe slowly, maybe cautiously, but move forward.

Are you paralyzed?  What one thing can you do to put one foot forward?  Need someone to talk it through with? We’d love to be your sounding board.