What we learned in 2018

3 ways to improve yourself

2018 was filled with loads of learning.  At NK&A Marketing we pick a book, together we read it over time and each week we take 5 minutes to discuss that week’s chapter in our weekly team call.  When we are too busy to take on a good book, Eliza asks an ingenious question each week, “Did you learn anything this week that you want to share?”  Here are 3 of our many 2018 learnings:

  1. From the book Made to Stick by the Heath Brothers we were reminded that stories help unite people around a concept, product or service.
  2. Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson taught us that in order to bring dialogue back to a safe place during crucial conversations, it’s important to become curious, ask questions and be sincere.
  3. Patience does not come naturally and like any other muscle we need to work it to build it.

Here’s to building the brawn of our brains in 2019.  Share with us what is on your reading list.