What does it take to produce consistent content?

Before jumping headlong into content development, take a moment to pause and make sure you have the 5 key ingredients for success.  Without these five ingredients you are sure to start off with a bang and soon find yourself asking, “What happened?” Consistent production of content is not easy.

  1. Set goals for your content
    Where will this content live?
    What tone do you want to convey?
    Who are your writing for?
    What action do you want the reader to take?These goals will be the touchstone for evaluating each and every piece of content
  1. Be clear about what topics you will cover.
    Make a list of topics for contributors to draw from. Have the topic relate back to the goals you are working to achieve.
  1. Identify who will be contributor and who will be champions
    Contributors are individuals who will help develop the content. They might conduct research, write, edit, proofread or disseminate the content.Champions are individuals who understand the value of content and will help create the space and opportunity for contributors to find the time to contribute. Champions might also be the spokespeople encouraging other employees to follow, like and share the content your company produces.
  1. Develop and publish an implementation plan
    Detail out the steps, due dates, roles and responsibilities for each piece of content being produced. Once everyone sees their part in producing timely content, your team is less likely to miss deadlines.
  2. Get into action
    Give plenty of time for people to produce content. Have one person who manages the plan. Remember you can revisit the plan, get input to improve your process and keep everyone on track.  Content creation is not a “set and forget” activity. It requires constant evaluation and refinement.

Need help getting started? Reach out to NK&A and we’ll share our template for editorial calendar creation and implementation planning. Don’t have the bandwidth to go at it alone, check out our content packages that make getting the support you need affordable.

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