Website design trends to pay attention to

The late architect, Louis Sullivan, coined the phrase “form follows function” to capture his belief that a building’s size, massing, spatial grammar and other characteristics should be driven solely by the function of the building. In other words, function first, form/design second. The same can be said for web design today. Make sure it’s functional; creating a good user experience. The design/form follows. Here are 3 web design trends:

1. Mobile design first

In the past, design started with desktop machines to a specific screen size and dimensions, but not anymore. Mobile device usage continues to rise. It’s the device of choice. To stay ahead of the curve design development needs to start with mobile responsive design. Doing so allows for responsiveness across all devices, not just mobile. In 2015 web design needs to start with mobile responsiveness.

2. Improve function with full screen navigation

Again, mobile is leading the way. Having larger, front and center navigation that fills the screen feels perfect for mobile. You can access it from an icon and it helps streamline the user navigation and improve the experience. It also allows for the space needed to lead users to Call to Actions (CATs), strengthening the relationship and frequency of visits.

3. Branding – Web design first

Brands are built by leveraging every point of contact with prospects and customers. Considering that today’s primary point of contact/experience with the brand is on-line, it tells us that the importance of building the brand from the website out is key to building a strong brand. Companies and brand consultancies who have the vision and expertise to build the digital brand first and then push out from there will excel in 2015 and beyond. What functions do you seek in a web site?