Change can be very challenging.  Often, we procrastinate or even rail against it. But Why?  Why as humans do we resist change?

Simply put, change requires us to unlearn one thing and then learn another new thing.

As adults we are not used to the process of learning. Somewhere in our growth trajectory we make the assumption that we should ‘get it’ right out of the gates. But learning and unlearning is a trial-and-error process.  When we learn to walk we don’t stand up and swagger across the room, We scoot, rock, crawl, do that cute little dance when we first get our legs under us, take a tentative rocky step, fall down a ton, and then we walk with a great deal of uncertainty lurching from coffee table to chair to an outstretched supportive stand.

Leaving the comfort of crawling is hard, it’s the process of abandoning one thing (unlearning it) and trying something fresh.  Be kind to yourself, scoot, rock, fall down but by all means don’t just sit there.  Decide what you will unlearn and set an intention to evolve and learn. Seek out the supportive outstretched hands.  Together we can evolve one step at a time.