What’s top of mind for most leaders regarding marketing?

There are three issues C-suite leaders are concerned about recently.

  1. Communicating their story – This became a hot topic during the pandemic. Leaders wanted their target audiences to know they survived the pandemic and are even thriving. So much has changed, and companies have worked hard to stay in business, treat their employees right and stand by their customers.  Whether B2B or B2C, leaders want to share how they overcame the odds and what they are doing now to help their clients/customers and employees.
  2. Metrics – Leaders want to know how things are performing. What is happening with their marketing dollars, and how it is helping build their future?
  3. Staffing – Leaders are eager to outsource their marketing function. For some, it is hiring an outsourced CMO to set and drive strategy and manage the marketing team; for others, it’s outsourcing the whole function from leadership to implementation. Either way, leaders are frustrated in trying to find, manage, and retain talent. They want to streamline by outsourcing.

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