Time to clean up

Last week I embarked on my annual ritual of cleaning things up as the year was winding to a close. No, I didn’t clean my garage or my closet, I cleaned up my hard drive. While cleaning I realized there are reasons, I saved certain things. These are the files that are rich in content and get my mind cooking. The files are helpful to me today and yet if I didn’t go back and do my cleaning, it’s like they never existed.  We all need to take stock of what we have. Polish things up to make sure they still work. This has to do with old files and the skills we possess, too. We need to keep improving or we’ll lose them and the confidence to use them as well.

Take stock of what you have. Rekindle good thinking. Discard things that are irrelevant and position yourself for a better, brighter you in 2021!

And if you need inspiration, give us a call.