The secret that Super Bowl advertisers know

Recently a client said, speaking of their past marketing efforts, “We had a communication calendar, we posted and sent emails regularly, and after 6 months we had not gained a single new client. We decided to ditch it and look for something with a faster rate of return.” We’ve heard this before. Why invest time and resources into social media presence and email campaigns if you don’t see direct results?

Consider advertisers at the Super Bowl. When Doritos purchases a 30-second ad space, which can cost about $5M, then spends millions more on the ad itself, what is it they hope to achieve? Are they assuming that viewers of the ad will leave the stadium after the game and buy out their product at surrounding stores? No. What companies like Doritos, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Tide hope to accomplish is brand awareness. They know that the next time you are wanting a snack, or thirsty, or need to wash your clothes, their product will be top of mind. Their ads are looking to change the way you feel about their product, which will then, they hope, lead to a future purchase.

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A communications calendar works much the same. You post on social media, you send emails, you post blogs, and most of the time you have no concrete way to measure the impact your activities are having. The more you are “out there,” the more you influence the way others are thinking about your brand. So, the next time they need goods or services that you provide, they will be much more likely to call.

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Clients with whom we have established communications calendars, and who follow the program and work up to a regular posting cadence often hear, “I see you everywhere!” from their contacts. You’ll know you are on the right path by watching visits, opens, clicks, views, engagements, and impressions. These will indicate awareness.  Then keep at it and see how being top of mind can make a difference in your number of leads and quality clients.

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