The power of decision making

I was recently reacquainted with an old friend. I was immediately struck by what a great mood he was in. His brain was cooking, too. He wanted to know if I had interest in going to a soccer game with him. He wanted to make plans. His wife was doing well as were his kids. He was thin, fit, his car sparkled.

I lived with him years ago. He was not a great student, graduated from a junior college and set out to find his career from there. He became incredibly successful. It was unclear to me why at the time, but it’s clear to me now.

See my friend possesses an attribute that most people do not have.

He knows what he wants. This sounds simple but it is anything but. In business as in life knowing what you want creates a goal oriented mindset which is enormously powerful in its ability to propel you forward. If you have goals you put actions in place to reach those goals… be it how to get rid of your clunker of a car to how you can grow your business revenue by 25% year over year. Knowing what you want also positions you to make decisions with alacrity which is huge in augmenting success.

Clients share goals with us all the time. If they have a strong conviction to reach their milestones, we can help them reach their goals (conviction being the key word here). But if they set goals and constantly change them or move the goalposts, than achievement is not possible.

You can study in the best schools and attain every degree imaginable, but if you don’t know what you want achieved, all that you dream is for naught. My old friend never got his MBA but he has a skill that many business leaders don’t have. He has conviction and makes decisions based on his convictions.

Like my friend, you too can become incredibly successful. You just need to know what you want. With the right approach and discipline it’s within your grasp. If you need help and direction in getting there give us a call at (617) 388–9862.