The people and companies who are doing social media right

Social media isn’t easy and each platform has its own idiosyncrasies. We are sharing examples of people doing a particular platform right. While we have our favorites, we’d love to know who you follow on social media and why!

LinkedIn is the place you need to be, particularly if you are a B2B company. It is not only about networking, but also business content creation. Take a look at Panera Bread’s CEO, Ron Shaich, to get ideas on how to use LinkedIn:

Google+ is probably the hardest network to understand, but it has the most capabilities. Virgin Mobile CEO Richard Branson uses a good mix of visuals with original content and quotes to attract attention:

Don’t think Pinterest works well for B2B businesses? Check out what Constant Contact is doing:

Facebook should be used like it’s a club of people sharing an interest— announce new products, share funny pictures and highlight your members. LÄRABAR is doing a fantastic job knowing who their club members are and how they want to interact: