Business speak is uninspiring. The catch phrases feel trite, the pace of speech is predictable and impersonal. The eyes of the listener gloss over. What’s a networker to do?

How about trying something completely different. Something that the listener will remember in the sea of other pitches they’ll hear.

Try telling a story that is memorable instead.  Here is our story:

NK&A is tight knit marketing group. Call us the Gang of 3. We’re like a band.

  1. Victoria is our leader. She writes the music (strategy) that inspires our clients, meeting our audience’s expectations.
  2. Dwight plays the guitar, making sure what we play in tune and consistent in all we do (brand).
  3. Eliza plays percussion.  She holds the band’s meter together, keeps us in time for our clients (implementation planning) and measures success of all that we do for them. To us, she’s NKA’s metronome.

Our band is better together.

Need some inspiration writing your story? Give us a call.