4 commandments for marketing implementation success

You have crafted a marketing strategy, and it’s brilliant. Your people have bought in and are energized and ready to begin, and everyone is anticipating a wonderful return. It’s time to begin the #implementation phase! However, if you neglect a few vital “thou shalts” of your implementation, everything might fall flat, your strategy could be forgotten, and your excellent start might be all for nothing. Here are 4 commandments to keep in mind in order to achieve implementation success:

  1. Thou shalt communicate expectations.
    Tasks should be specifically assigned, and timing laid out for everyone that has a part to play in your implementation. They should know what they must complete and by when, and if a review process is needed then that should be specifically assigned and timed as well. And, if you have no one to ensure that the plan is being followed, then…
  1. Thou shalt assign someone to own the implementation.
    It is important that one person in your organization is assigned to oversee the implementation of your plan. That person must be willing to follow up on assignments and see that everything is being done, and on time. And, because it is important to know how well your implementation is going…
  1. Thou shalt measure.
    You must know how well your plan is succeeding. Data must be gathered and analyzed. And, since it is possible that your implementation might need adjusting for optimal success…
  1. Thou shalt allow for flexibility in your implementation.
    It is important to monitor how the pieces of your plan are performing, and adjust accordingly. This could involve different send/post times, or expanding/narrowing your audience, or writing a more compelling subject line, or increasing advertising, etc.

When these commandments are followed the implementation is ultimately more effective and productive. So stick to these rules, and happy implementing! And, if you are stuck and wondering how to adjust to get maximum return, we can help! If you would like us to take a look at your plan and provide some feedback, feel free to contact us.