“Ready, Shoot, Aim” – Identifying your audience

We are data nerds. We like to have all of the information available before we form a strategy. Specifically, we like to know who the audience is. Why? Because once we have all the pieces in place we know what approach will get us what we want.

Here are two examples from experiences we have had with clients:

  • Before launching a campaign to millennials, we asked which type of millennial the client wanted to reach. Although they were not previously aware that there was more than one type, after some discovery we found that there was one specific group of millennials they wanted to target. Once that was defined, the message could be tailored to get to the right consumers. The result? Significantly higher engagement than past campaigns.
  • A technical firm wanted to send out some information about what they had to offer. They sent us the information. While it was good solid data, it was riddled with acronyms and references that would be lost on the audience they wanted to reach, which would not have a great deal of technical knowledge. We were able to simplify. The new message could appeal to their audience without intimidating or overwhelming them. The result? More customers.

Most business leaders do not have the time and manpower to spare to “Ready, Shoot, Aim.” They need to make their arrows count. In photography, not approaching a shoot with intention and a clear idea as to what you are trying to accomplish is called “Spray and Pray;” meaning that you shoot a ton of pictures and pray that one of them will work out. Make your arrows count. Identify your audience as closely and specifically as you can. It may surprise you how much easier it is to craft an effective message if you know exactly who you’re talking to.