I am frustrated by my inability to get a grip on time.

I can’t actualize that it is June (the end of). I often have to pause to remember what  day of the week it is or if I ate lunch.

Are you like me, realizing that we are over 90 days into all of this and not sure what you’ve accomplished during this time? I decided to sit down and make a small list of accomplishments. It helps to mark time and even define how I will remember all of this. Here are a few from the list:

  • Kept NK&A running and our team intact and humming with interesting and meaningful work
  • Supported many clients even when they needed to cut their marketing budget
  • Found new ways to make connections with existing acquaintances and met new ones (thank you BostonClub)
  • Joined the Board of  LexArt
  • Swapped out the light switch in the kitchen
  • Lost at Gin and Cribbage to my kids and loved every moment of it

What will punctuate your memories of the last 90+ days? Share below so we can all celebrate the big and small achievements we each made in 90 days.

What did you accomplish in the last 90 days?