Procrastination and the stories we tell ourselves

Writing a business strategy. Presenting a webinar. Losing weight.

Tasks like these can be daunting as we all know.

There is no effortless way of accomplishing these types of tasks. You can’t google them away. You need to take action.

We tell ourselves that these tasks are hard, that they will take time, and we’re plagued by the question of where to start.

Yet, some people seem to accomplish tasks and meet goals one after the other.

The key to accomplishment is not as mysterious as it seems.

All you need to do is, make it easy to get started.

Here’s what we mean

  • If you are trying to get in shape, put your workout clothes out in a neat pile the day before. This signals to your body the next day that you are ready and committed to work out.
  • If you want to lose weight, remove all food that is a problem from the house and buy food that is good for you. Again it signals your commitment, leaving you no option but to eat well. (It’s the only food you have in the house, too.)
  • If you have to write a business strategy take away the fear by scheduling 15 minutes to focus on writing the outline today and no more.
  • If you are presenting a webinar, set up your camera and tripod this evening. Tomorrow get up and plan on only practicing the introduction.

In all of these examples, you have now intentionally countered the negative things you tell yourself that hold you back.

  • It’s hard – taking steps to prepare make it easier.
  • It takes time – taking steps to prepare allows you to take on the work in bite-sized chunks that aren’t overwhelming.
  • How do I start? – taking a small step sets you in motion and that’s what we all need to start.

We’re coming out of a year of pandemic isolation.

It’s time to pick our heads up and take action. You can prepare yourself for success by following tips that make it easier to get started.

If you want to discuss in more detail, give us a call.

Now is the time for all of us to move forward.