Planning ahead – business success in an uncertain world

Recently, China closed the world’s third-busiest port due to COVID. It will further strain global shipping lines, which are still recovering from the partial closure of another port in China in June.

What will this mean for your business?

Experts are forecasting possible difficulty getting supplies in the next 2 years. But before you reach for the panic button, consider these measured approaches to a possible future problem:

  • Take stock: What do you already have, and do you know where it is?
  • Predict problem areas. Where might you not be prepared?
  • Share information. Do all the responsible parties know where everything is and your situation? Can you pull together as a team to fill in holes?
  • Emergency resources: Do you have something in place should the worst happen? Think about a plan.

We all remember Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” The road has been bumpy, but your business can look to the future with confidence if you’ll take steps now to look to the future. It’s not too late. And let us know if you need some help thinking through the details.