Are you open to business success?

Do you close the door to your office and focus? 

Do you put off opportunities to meet and engage other people until all your work is done? 

Is putting your head down and working hard part of your formula for success? 

These are all habits. They are touted as the habits of success: “Buckle down,” “Sweat equity,” “Elbow grease,” “Staying late,” “Working all hours,” “Putting in your time for the big payoff,” etc. 

They are also actions that can stifle growth. Why?  They isolate. They are internally focused. They keep you disconnected. 

Success comes from relationships. Forming, building and nurturing relationships is at the heart of all great success stories.  Sure, leaders work hard.  Entrepreneurs are willing to make sacrifices, but they will all tell you relationships are what got them over the “hump” and helped their businesses take off. 

Want to change your trajectory? Change your habits.  Relationships take time and require nurturing.  Invest your time in the hard work of building relationships.