Marketing supports Sales

Marketing’s job is to support Sales.

You won’t hear this from most Marketers, but it’s what we believe at NK&A.

When you approach your marketing strategy with this framework, you increase your return on your marketing investment.  Not only can you see your return on your investment, but you can see an increase in sales productivity. Marketing can buttress the sales process by:

1.) Acting as meat tenderizer – No Joke!  A consistent targeted approach to brand awareness driven by marketing increases prospects’ willingness to engage in conversation with your sales people.  A 2013 Nielsen Global Survey showed that 60% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they are familiar with.  Building familiarity helps the sales people get appointments and start conversations.

2.) Generating leads – Who doesn’t want leads?  All sales people do.  When a marketing strategy is designed with Calls To Action (CTA’s) and a means to capture leads, sales has more to go on.  Wordstream found that emails with a single Call-to-Action increased clicks 371% and Sales 1,617%.

3.) Converting leads – Even the most ubiquitous, inexpensive marketing software can provide insights into prospects’ interests.  When marketing strategies are designed to capitalize on metrics, marketing can provide call lists, and share insights into individual prospects behavior and interest and help increase sales conversion ratios.

4.) Increasing communication – Can you imagine marketing and sales collaborating and communicating? We’ve seen it with our own eyes. One good dashboard can bring a room together.  With Marketing sharing insights on the behaviors and interests of your target audience, while sales is offering up market feedback and real time insights; together they are united in sleuthing sales opportunities and converting prospects. It’s magic!

Building awareness, driving interest and helping sales respond to leads.  Marketing’s job is to support and buttress the sales process. It’s not complicated but it is often overlooked.

Increase your business opportunities by having your Marketing and Sales sleuth together.